Congratulations Party and Reba for searching out and finding the GREATEST family EVER.  May you ALL live long and happy, healthy lives........






I adopted Jolie after ADAPT rescued her from a Dallas area shelter. I guess nobody wanted to adopt her because her right shoulder is scarred & her ears have scalloping from old wounds & she was a wild child. Because even though people had failed her, she so wanted to have someone love she was everywhere trying to find what would get her a real home...she was a maniac of love & energy.

She took a little plane ride to Rhode Island to live with me & her new furred & feathered family. Turns out she was not a maniac, she just KNEW nothing of appropriate behaviour...apparently nobody had ever bothered to show her. Within hours she was a different gal. She is now a loving, well behaved girl that loves family life on her 56 acre farm. She will have

a home with me for all her days & I will grateful to have her company for each one of them!

You have to look to see her scars now.


Jane W.


Jambi (AKA Eddie), What a find…

Andrea, Joshua, and Luna Lebron

After my family dog Sasha of 12 years passed away, I knew that I wanted to find another companion. I missed Sasha’s presence, the warmth she brought to our home, so I began searching for a dog. I found Jambi searching Petfinder and couldn’t resist his chocolate eyes. When we met Jambi, we knew he would be perfect. He is an extremely intelligent, playful, and loving pup who might not have been here if it weren’t for ADAPT and the wonderful volunteers who have devoted hundreds of hours and dollars into his well being.

ADAPT did such a great job in not only rescuing Jambi from being euthanized, but also nursing him back to health and really prepping him to live in his future forever home. They have made my job as a dog owner so much easier because I get to enjoy Jambi for all his crazy puppy qualities and not so much for cleaning after his doggy messes in the house. I am so grateful that ADAPT found Jambi just in time and cannot imagine my life without him. He has really completed our family and we enjoy every minute with him.





Eddie was sprung from the shelter ( a few short hours from euthanasia) as an intact, all NATURAL black and rust puppy (has a tail). He's about 4-5 months of age, a total LOVE of a boy and he's nearly ready to find a new home.  We're working diligently to get his mange cleared up and his coat restored to his natural beauty he'll be ready to go.... His foster home is working on his commands, he knows several now and he IS housebroken and he LOVES his doggy brothers and sisters in the home. If you're interested in providing a good INDOOR only home to this boy and try to make up for what he DIDN'T have in life early on, contact us for an application to adopt him..... ADAPT dogs are only released to indoor loving homes. This boy has SO much to give.....




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