Doberman The MYTH of the Monster:  Considered by some to be an "aggressive" breed this particular breed has a codicil to owning (actually a more correct term would be BEING owned by THEM).....

You MUST be smarter than they are, and believe me with this breed it's no easy feat.  In the top ten as far as intelligence level and way up there in cunning, the Doberman is quick to learn and just as devoted in its' ability to be stubborn.  Good natured family dogs tolerant of children and family situations they willingly adapt to the smallest or largest of environments and most situations they find themselves in.  They live harmoniously with other animals, do well in a pack or on their own as the family diva.......

These guys go from running all out in a field to curling up next to their masters sharing couch space.  Generous to a fault they will "allow" the human in their life to share the bed and covers, outgoing personalities shine forth in their good natured attempts to engage four and two legged family members in games of hide and seek, tug, and many other games.  Often nicknamed "velcro dog" for their affinity to stay close to their humans this breed is a moderate to high activity dog that does well in a home environment does not care to be isolated from family, life span encompasses  8-12 years minimal grooming needs and moderate number of genetic and predisposed illness.

Dobies are loyal, productive loving family members dedicated to "serving and protecting" those that they love and come in a variety of colors to meet the tastes of those who admire the breed; black and rust being the most common, red and rust, blue and rust, fawn (Isabella) and rust and the less accepted "white/albino".  Whatever your color choice the mind/personality and pleasure of having this breed in your life is a life long experience and we wish you a lifetime of joyous experiences with  your Doberman.

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