This is what Sadiegirl's foster family says about her:  Sadie is very sweet, very gentle, great with other dogs and GREAT with children.
She is very very timid, and is extremely suspect of males. Not aggressive by any means whatsoever, just needs lots of patience and love to help curb her fear of being mistreated.  She has come a long way, slowly but surely she has made progress, but requires a very understanding and patient forever home.  She does fine on a leash and loves that time. If we do say so ourselves, our children are well behaved and not rambunctious...and that type of environment with children is what she requires...she needs a calm place where she can thrive and get lots of gentle attention.  She loves to sleep in our bed when she is allowed, but also loves her comfy dog bed all to herself....... Sadiegirl is a work in progress, willing to learn and figuring out people aren't quite as bad as the ones she has originally dealt with.....


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